For Trump, the hidden hand he often sees at play is manipulating economic predictions to harm him. My wrap on his Bedminster week.
Trump, confronting ominous economic signs, believes there's a conspiracy against him. He insists his own handpicked Fed chair is acting against him. He says other countries want to hurt America. And he thinks the news media is trying to create a recession.
"The dyspeptic diatribes came in spurts, and the president whipsawed between frustration and freewheeling meetings and golf outings, including one on Saturday with the president of the P.G.A. and the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission."
Already coming true 2/
.".. several aides agree with him that the news media is overplaying the economic fears, adding to his feeling of being justified, people close to the president said."
This article documents examples of abnormal thought patterns and hints of paranoia. Normal individuals don't imagine conspiracies or revisit old issues (perseveration, obsession). In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy
Paranoia is worse than simple narcissism. via
Trump blames vast conspiracy for his economic problems via ⁦
"In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy" #BOOMERPOTUS
Of course he does.