We sent the very brave to Portland to cover Antifa on Saturday. Her video footage has since been seen by millions of people on Twitter. This is her story in her own words: #PortlandProtests
I'm damn proud of the work done by . Over the last month, she's been kicking ass and taking names. First with the Yaniv stories, and now with this. I truly cant wait to see what you cover next!
“The police consistently seemed unable to act ... [and] the activists quickly learned that there seemed to be no consequences to their actions.” Read this first-hand account of the antifa #PortlandProtest by .
There's been much criticism toward over its #PortlandProtests material yesterday, some of it from my colleagues (esp ) & some of which I agree with. But this firsthand account is quite good and remarkably nuanced.
“Acts of violence and cruelty like this were not uncommon on Saturday. I witnessed more than one individual rushed, pepper-sprayed, kicked, hit, or otherwise assaulted.” by #PortlandProtest #AntiFa
Fantastic work by , who documented some remarkable moments during the #PortlandProtests. Must read