NEW: Six months ago I had a thought: What could we learn abt the 2020 candidates thru their rally playlists? Abt audience and intended message? So we got them from nine Dems (and Trump). And this interactive was born. Let's dig in. (w/ your sound ON🔊🔊)
NEW: Today we published our 2020 campaign rally playlist project. Takeaways: * Trump’s rally music is overwhelmingly performed by white artists/majority-white bands. * Most of ⁦⁩’s songs are from the ‘90s & earlier. via ⁦
“Ms. Harris is far and away the most hip-hop-minded of all the candidates, and she’s keen to show off her range — Biggie and Pac, Cardi and Chance, Tribe and Migos, Kendrick and Hov, Nicki and Lauryn.” Fun look at the candidates’ playlists >>
Two telling charts from this piece on candidate walk-up songs.
LOL there is no abject stupidity that the NYT will not trot out to make Bernie look bad
As a Gen X crank who loathes her generation’s irritating focus on musical taste as a signifier of value, I thought I’d hate this package. But it’s so well done!
Initially skeptical about the "What Do Rally Playlists Say About the Candidates?" article, imagining a boring, bloated essay, but oh boy, was I wrong! This is an incredibly well done, must read interactive piece
This is an amusing and occasionally informative dive into 2020 campaign music. Harris, O'Rourke, Gillibrand, Warren and Booker all come across as people that listen to music sometimes. The others not so much.
I need to tweet this again because it is FANTASTIC. I gotta say: Kamala and Beto are the clear music primary winners for me. Stick to the end for Trump's surprise love of gay artists!
Beto still has Ramones' "Judy Is a Punk" in his walkup for rallies. Alas, no sheep mask. (Side note: Yes, that song was in "The Royal Tenenbaums")
I'm super-stoked to know all the candidates' playlists because it's really important to know what songs 's campaign bros picked for him.
Is there a pact among reporters to erase Kamala Harris's Indian-American heritage? Even her name is Sanskrit (lotus or flower)
Having said that, wow this feature is delightful.
this is what "digital media" can and should be. The Times crushed it with this examination of the Presidential campaigns' musical preferences
Political "walk-up" playlists set the tone during a campaign rally for both the candidate and the crowd. Love this analysis of what each playlist means. . . from a political and musical POV.
Say what you will about Beto, but that is a respectable playlist.
What Does Campaign Rally Music Say About a Candidate?
This piece on what the presidential campaign songs say about the candidates is pretty great, but Trump steals the show. So camp! The fact it has Macho Man on there is beyond parody. Candle in the Wind - why?