The most nationalist, populist and dysfunctional Italian government in decades collapsed on Tuesday as the country’s prime minister announced his resignation in the face of a mutinous, and miscalculated, power play by the hard-line minister Matteo Salvini.
Breaking News: Italy's prime minister said he would resign, causing the collapse of the country's most nationalist and dysfunctional government in decades
Far-right rising in Italy: Leader of the far-right League has effectively provoked the collapse of coalition government his party is part of, because he believes provoking early elections may result in the League triumphing and getting to govern alone.
#BREAKING: #Italy’s Prime Minister Resigns, Turning Chaos Into Uncertainty
'Renzi argued that while populism works on the campaign trail, “it works less good when we are dealing with governing.” He took a parting shot at Salvini, who he said owed it to Italians to make it clear if he wanted to “leave the euro or enter the ruble.”'
The is as usual precise in its descriptions. In #Italy, #chaos (a deterministic process) has turned into #uncertainty (a stochastic process). via ⁦