More #1619project coming yr way: the special newspaper section asks why schools teach slavery so inadequately. Here's an attempt to fix that: a brief – albeit realistic – history of American slavery, on the 400 yr anniv of its start. By Mary Elliott and me
In late August 1619, enslaved Africans landed at Point Comfort in Hampton, VA aboard an English privateer ship. In Virginia, these enslaved Africans were traded in exchange for supplies. NMAAHC Curator Mary Elliott for the #1619Project: #Jamestown400
Now online: a vitally important part of the #1619Project is this brief history of slavery from Mary Elliot, curator of American slavery at and . Most Americans haven’t spent enough time staring this brutality in the face.
Most Americans still don’t know the full story of slavery. This is the history you didn’t learn in school. #1619project
A Brief History of Slavery That You Didn't Learn in School
the 1619 Project is such an amazing resource, especially since U.S. schools do such a poor job of teaching about slavery
“If one minute’s freedom had been offered to me, and I had been told I must die at the end of that minute, I would have taken it.’”