About that story... On me, and deciding to leave
Here is in his own words about his decision regarding Epstein and MIT
wrote a very thoughtful piece on why he is leaving the MIT Media lab (in light of their ties to Epstein), kudos to him, and I'm surprised more people are not speaking up!
Deleted an earlier tweet of mine in response to where I praised Joi Ito for apologizing for what I believed was a tangential connection between him Epstein. The story seems to be much worse, and I trust on it completely
I've admired for decades. And now even more. When he learned the extent of the MIT Media Lab's ties to Jeffrey Epstein, he didn't temporize — he just quit the Media Lab.
SO many science and tech places have ties to Epstein and are scuttling around trying to figure out how to minimize the PR impact rather than being held truly accountable. I respect the hell out of this decision by (and this post) →
Wow. A sad - but typically principled - move from someone I've admired, and who has been a fabulous supporter of my own work, over many years. What felt he had to do here won't surprise anyone who knows him. Best of luck with what's next, Ethan.
This is what solidarity looks like. is resigning from the because of their business relationships with Jeffrey Epstein.
Here is writing almost three weeks ago.
There is a certain class of science intellectual — Pinker, Nowak, Hawking, Church, Gould, Sacks, Krauss, Trivers, and now Ito and Minsky — seemingly every one of whom took money from or met with Epstein in some way.
TON of respect for leaving the MIT Media Lab due to its leadership's extensive Jeffrey Epstein $$$$ ties. Voting w his feet. Very noble.
Why MIT’s ties to Epstein led to resign
I’m aware of the privilege that it’s been to work at a place filled with as much creativity and brilliance as the Media Lab. [But privilege] can be blinding, and can cause people to ignore situations that should be simple matters of right and wrong.
On me, and the Media Lab, by Ethan Zuckerman / … My heart’s in Accra
The very kind and principled took a stand this summer, as new revelations about MIT’s Epstein links emerged, and resigned from the Lab because of its Epstein ties (Zuckerman was never involved with Epstein) 2/
Worth a read from someone unintentionally affected by Jeffery Epstein's web of awfulness trying to navigate through. #Integrity
So much respect to for resigning his position at Media Lab after uncovering the ties between them and Epstein. This is what leadership looks like.