In a 180 from yesterday, Trump says he is no longer interested in tax cuts or lowering capital gains taxes.
Some 2,000 miles away from DC, at a retreat attended by Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump, top GOP donors this week expressed enthusiasm for both a payroll tax cut & a reduced capital-gains tax, while voicing some unease about Trump’s penchant for tariffs.
TUESDAY: The president says he’s considering cutting capital-gains and payroll taxes. WEDNESDAY: The president says he’s not considering cutting capital-gains and payroll taxes.
In a dizzying 35 mins in 90° heat today, Trump lashed out at the Danish PM over Greenland, said he favored background checks, reiterated his interest in ending birthright citizenship &, glancing skyward, declared himself “the chosen one” to take on China.
Trust the process 🤡