“This is about being afraid to give bad marks to students because they might go to their favorite YouTuber with a little bit of personal information about you that could be used to dox you.”
A great (and troubling) piece on the impact of Gamergate in the classroom and how it has a chilling effect on academic freedom: teachers have "become more hesitant to include material about gender, sexuality, and race on their syllabuses."
There is zero chance students not registered for the class coming in and ostentatiously filming a lecture on gender wasn't and attempt at intimidation.
This, about 's experiences teaching games at UCI, is disturbing.
Oh no, someone sidestepped my intellectual gatekeeping to acquire this knowledge that I should have sole authority to impart
"[I]t’s [hard] to tell when you’re teaching a student who is open to new perspectives and when you’re teaching someone who has the potential to do harm.” At least there's such a neat dichotomy! I find this article strange.
The fight against toxic academe has moved to the billiard room—oh wait, toxic academe has been encroaching into all aspects of our lives for years now.