Brazil had 72,000 fire outbreaks so far this year, 84% more than the same period in 2018. President Bolsanaro fired the head of the space agency because he didn't like the satellite data on deforestation. More here: (1/n)
Sometimes it's hard to convey to people how simultaneously deranged, malicious & dangerous Bolsonaro is. The US isn't Brazil & he's not Trump. While scientists warn of his deforestation as a cause, Bolsonaro claims NGOs are starting the fires on purpose
"A surge of blazes in several Amazonian states this month followed reports that farmers were feeling emboldened to clear land." on Amazon fires and Pres. Bolsonaro's unfounded allegation that NGOs are to blame.
Without offering any evidence whatsoever - in true demagogue fashion - the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has accused environmental groups (sic!) of setting fires in the Amazon.
Should be clear to everyone that the EU really cannot do a trade deal with Bolsonaro's Brazil. What signal would that send to him and, especially, to those who oppose his policies in Brazil? #AmazonRainforest #EUMercosur
Right out of the Trump playbook: Jair Bolsonaro claims NGOs behind Amazon forest fire surge – but provides no evidence
Voor wie er nog aan twijfelde, de Europese Unie kan het écht niet maken om een handelsakkoord met het Brazilië van Bolsonaro te sluiten. Welk signaal stuurt dat naar Bolsonaro en, vooral, naar al wie oppositie tegen hem voert in Brazilië?
Bolsonaro—NGOs setting fires in Amazon rainforest
Jair Bolsonaro claims without evidence that NGOs are setting fires in Amazon rainforest
Unbearable: Jair Bolsonaro accuses NGOs of setting fires in Amazon rainforest
Brazilian president blames green groups for rise in blazes, but offers no evidence for claim
Not just lies, but projection specifically seems the key mo of fascists
Jair #Bolsonaro accuses NGOs of setting fire to Amazon rainforest - adopting the trump trick of spouting outright and outrageous lies...
Typical pattern: tosser politicians wailing about law and order and responsibility do all they can to avoid taking responsibility when serious crime ensue under their watch. #Bolsonaro #Brazil #Amazonas