This is a marvelously human and utterly narratively indigestible piece. All of you will find a reason to balk, but I beg you to keep chewing
Kevin D. Williamson’s ex-wife accuses him at length and in detail of abuse. Be warned, this is an extremely painful read. I won’t say which, but there are specific details in here I have known and discussed privately for a number of years. I believe her.
how on earth are we going to do the intellectual history of this era? this thing takes more unexpected turns than my kid with a board game he's determined not to lose
Wow ... this is ... a lot.
(1) Be extremely skeptical of hit pieces by ex-lovers, especially when (2) published at a weird time incommensurate with current events and (3) said ex-lover seems completely insane *as described in their own words.*
Kevin Williamson's declared socialist ex, says Kevin is foul-mouthed and threatening, before railing against Never-Trumpers, and claims China is the new US, and the US is the new Soviet Union. I am not making this up...