BREAKING: Giuliani flew to Madrid in recent weeks and secretly met with Ukrainian President Zelensky's top aide. Giuliani told the aide ramp up investigations into Biden and the Ukraine-DNC collusion theory.
NEW: The helped initiate talks between RUDY GIULIANI & a Ukrainian official, during which Rudy urged investigation of & his son. Rudy briefed on the talks. didn't respond to questions about its role or Rudy's.
SCOOP: Months after he abandoned a trip to Ukraine to urge the new government to investigate TRUMP's rivals, began secretly talking to a close aide to the new Ukrainian president (including at a meeting in Madrid) to push the investigations.
CONTEXT: For months, TRUMP's allies, most notably RUDY GIULIANI, have pushed UKRAINE to investigate TRUMP's rivals, including JOE BIDEN, creating the perception that US support was contingent on Ukraine's willingness to play along.
He’s doing this again? There was an outcry, he canceled it, and now he’s just back at it? This seems highly unethical and likely illegal.
As Ukraine comes into focus, the nugget buried in this story--that Trump State Department officials helped broker a back-channel meeting between Giuliani and a senior Ukrainian official to discuss political dirt--could become even more important.
This is politics at its worst. The State Department should have nothing to do with it. Our career Foreign Service Officers should not be asked to assist Guiliani in this sordid business. - The New York Times
The Trump regime is back to openly seeking help from foreign governments. Why not - there have yet to be any consequences for doing so in 2016.
Key fact buried in new story about Giuliani's cont'd phony scandal-mongering in #Ukraine: his efforts have derailed plans for President Zelenskyy to visit Washington this summer and impeded the new government's ties to the US.
. UKRAINE SCOOPS (cont'd): ▶️ connected RUDY to top ZELENSKY aide. They met in Madrid in Aug.; RUDY pushed for probes & discussed TRUMP-ZELENSKY WH mtg. Zelensky aide was left unsure whether Rudy was representing the TRUMP admin. (8/21)