These morning rambles are the opening act of his daily reality show. They throw out the "topics" and "challenges" for the day's episode. And the cable/Twitter/news complex gets a day's programming out of it: "OMG Chosen One!" "LOL Greenland!"
The White House press briefing has essentially been replaced by Trump’s “chopper talk,” and I write
Trump may hold more weekly meetings with the press as any president since Kennedy--but he does it in a form that gives him more control.
Asked about Trump's mini Marine One pressers, one WH reporter told us: "They are terrible for reporters. It is impossible to hear, have a substantive dialogue, ask a follow-up question or do any serious pressing of the president. It is a fucking circus.”
“The fact that the White House press corps can no longer grandstand on TV is of no concern to us." — .
From "he doesn't hold press conferences" to "he holds 35 minute press conferences, but he doesn't let us ambush him."