New White House press secretary Grisham's career history includes "losing a private-sector job after being accused of cheating on expense reports, a later job loss over plagiarism charges and two arrests for driving under the influence."
TRUMP’S NEW : ’s history might have scared off other administrations. She lost one job after being accused of cheating on expense reports & one over plagiarism charges. She has 2 DUI arrests, including 1 during the Trump campaign.
Grisham worked as a spokeswoman for the Arizona House’s Republican majority. In 2016 she revoked The Arizona Capitol Times’s press credentials four hours after reporting allegations that the House speaker traveled at taxpayers’ expense while campaigning.
In this great dive into the past of the new White House press secretary, a parable about solidarity in journalism
“Ms. Grisham is the latest example of Mr. Trump’s tendency to value loyalty and an embrace of his unorthodox style ahead of other credentials when filling top jobs.”
Grisham did PR for a botched execution, which is directly relevant experience for the Trip administration
In fairness, this makes Grisham a clear improvement over .