Thk u for awarding me 2019 Climate Communication Prize. To join and others is a huge honor in itself. Thx for leading my nomination....You are up next :) cc
If anyone on earth deserves a medal for sustained achievement in science journalism, it's . She's the quintessence of sustained achievement.
Congrats to for being awarded the Climate Communication Prize from the AGU.
On a day when I needed some good news, I’m thrilled to hear that #MtnClim's Connie Millar has won the AGU Ambassador Award! Thanks to all who contributed to this nomination led by Jessica Lundquist.
Congratulations ⁦⁩ for winning the AGU Climate Communication Prize! And for all you do to cut through the noise 🙌🏽
Wow!! Super-honoured and super-excited to have won the #JamesBMacelwane Medal this year! Congrats also to my fellow Medalists and Francis Macdonald!
Congratulations to 2019 medalists and awardees - especially for the Macelwane Medal, for the Ewing Medal, for the Simpson Medal, Connie Millar for the Ambassador Award, and for the Cowen Award!
A proud science mentor moment--my nominee, Franziska Landes, was awarded AGU's Science for Solutions Award, for "... developing and providing citizen science tools to eliminate environmental injustice at the community level"
Congratulations with the Maurice Ewing medal at #AGU19
Bravo! The inimitable Connie Millar (ARS Mono City) is receiving the AGU Ambassador Award! She has been a guiding force advancing mountain-climate sciences in the West for many yrs so very well deserved! Google CIRMOUNT for bkgrd
So excited to see awarded a Macelwane medal by AGU! Best choice!