My article about Brockman & Epstein came out last week. I haven't heard from Brockman nor has he made any statements. This leaves me no choice but to definitively terminate my engagement with his agency. I urge his other authors to follow
This is extremely interesting on Epstein’s intellectual enabler - and because it features quite the cameo from Prince Andrew
I have a major piece on the Epstein-Brockman connection
Epstein’s funding of numerous scientists’ research points to a major ethical issue with philanthropy to higher education. Elite private universities are heavily financed by individual donors, who invest significantly in these institutions. 1/
. found a 2013 email from his literary agent, Jonathan Brockman, where Brockman seems to act as a PR flack for Jeffrey Epstein, alludes to Epstein’s wild sexual escapades, and even tries to use them to recruit Morozov into Epstein’s network.
In an exclusive, details Jeffrey Epstein's connection to literary impresario John Brockman
“If such an explanation is not forthcoming, many of us will have to decide whether we would like to be part of this odd intellectual club located on the dubious continuum between the seminar room and a sex-trafficking ring.”
Just your run of the mill “world’s foremost literary agent for science writing helps hook up super rich sex criminal Epstein with scientists by apparently dangling the creepy sex stuff as bait” story.
Tracing everything about Epstein and science back to scientific super-book-agent John Brockman of Edge. This is correct probably
I'm not the only one who has been waiting for this little shoe to drop.
- Between 2001 and 2015, Epstein gave at least $638,000 - In many of those years, he was its sole donor - According to Brockman, Prince Andrew did receive foot-massage from a Russian lady called Irina at Epstein's residence More:
Read 's revelations on the Brockman agency's Epstein ties over at !
I disagree with on many things, but I am very glad to see him raising questions about John Brockman and taking the principled step of cutting ties with his agent unless he answers questions about Epstein.
“I cannot believe that he knew absolutely nothing of Epstein’s wild sexual escapades—in fact, his email suggests he was trying to capitalize on them to recruit yet another useful idiot into Epstein’s network.”
Being apolitical is what the billionaires want academics to be "I was put off by Brockman’s insistence that people responding to the annual question [for the Edge] should keep away from politics."
Truly shocking account⁩ from inside the world of elite philanthropy by ⁦⁩ drawing on his own emails with new info about Prince Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein 1/3 h/t ⁦
“this odd intellectual club located on the dubious continuum between the seminar room and a sex-trafficking ring. Excessive networking, it appears, devours its own.”
Story including the (now-departed) NYT reporter and the $30k donation to a school: ; story on the agent and the >$600k to his foundation: ; MIT:
I find it very interesting the word networking is used here: "Excessive networking, it appears, devours its own." I also believe networking is often — not always! — merely a euphemism for nepotism, favouritism, and even abuse (sexual and otherwise).
Then this: “it seems clear that Brockman was acting as Epstein’s PR man—his liaison with the world of scientists and intellectuals that Brockman had cultivated. That Brockman has said nothing over this affair is rather bewildering. -> 3/
Epstein’s Intellectual Enabler
"I am ready to pull the plug on my association with Brockman’s agency—and would encourage other authors to consider doing the same—until and unless he clarifies the relationship between him, the Edge Foundation, and Epstein."
Not many, but >0 principled resignations at places that took Jeffrey Epstein $ (e.g. ). We now seem to have the 1st by a scientist/author, , from book agent who provided Epstein entree into science:
Useful glimpse into more respectable side of EpsteinWorld. Not like Brockman hid the sex side ...
Jeffrey Epstein’s Intellectual Enabler
Jeffrey Epstein’s Intellectual Enabler
And here's the article drew on in her brilliant piece on Prince Andrew - by for
Thank you for your article
"A close analysis of Edge Foundation’s (publicly available) financial statements suggests that, between 2001 and 2015, it has received $638000 from Epstein’s various foundations. In many of those years Epstein was Edge’s sole donor." Epstine owned Brockman
Devastating look at the literary agent who was an Epstein enabler ...
Jeffrey Epstein’s Intellectual Enabler
Short answer: Edge was posting Epstein responses because Epstein money kept Edge afloat.