never been prouder to call myself a labor reporter
“Listing their [union] local [on Tinder] served a practical purpose — it was the most accurate way to describe their job because they didn’t have one consistent employer — but others said it might suggest they were a catch.”
. channels Carrie Bradshaw for this one: "That men in the building trades were using their precious space to proclaim their Philly locals was saying something, I was sure. But what exactly?"
How can we research what drives support for trade unionism? What to use as the DV? Could survey people: do they/ their peers support unions/ not. Reading this 👇, I wonder... What about using Tinder profiles? Might signal expectations of local support?
Name, age, and Local 19: Why Philly men list their unions on Tinder
Philly men on Tinder like to list their union affiliation on their profile. It signifies stability, earning power, ability to provide, status, says "hello you, woman, why date some hack when you could be with a union man" Except, it doesn't seem to work