Uber’s “safe rides fee” was 100 percent bullshit from the start. There is no bottom with this company
here is an adapted excerpt from my forthcoming book on uber, to be in this Sunday’s i hope you like it
Like so much journalism about , this piece is long on drama but never quite says the most important thing: You always need one driver hour per customer hour. So growth is irrelevant to profitability. The model will never scale. (1/)
Terrific excerpt from ⁦⁩’s SUPER PUMPED. Fantastic narrative of the rise and fall of Uber that embodies the story of Silicon Valley of the last wild decade. Officially pubs sept 3. via ⁦⁩ ⁦
Here's an early look at 's book on Uber. SUPER PUMPED arrives in stores Sept. 3.
Excerpts of 's "Super Pumped" are here! For more on this book, which is out Sept 3, see this: And for a taste of the juicy stuff, read:
damn i cannot wait to read this book. getting some real bad blood vibes here.
“This anti-establishment counterculture mixed surprisingly well with emerging ideas about the efficiency of individual greed and the gospel of creative destruction.”