1. Great interviews by The Boyce of Reason (who chronicled the Evergreen College debacle) in his series on transition and detransition. If you're interested in hearing important voices the US MSM has studiously ignored, this is the place.
What happened at Evergreen College in 2017 was the precursor for everything we are seeing today. To understand it better check out 's work here: And 's series "The Complete Evergreen Strory"
I just found a really good YouTube channel. Talks about Washington state current issues. CHAZ/CHOP, Gov Inslee being scammed out of millions, Evergreen College racism.
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Happy birthday to !!! Benjamin is an interesting and incisive interviewer. Check out his YouTube channel and give his Evergreen (he graduated the semester of the meltdown and subsequent riots) a watch--it's amazing.
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Anyone following the debates about trans identity happening around the place or interested in trans issues, trans people, etc. check out 's YouTube channel