Western medicine has accomplished so much good in the world. And yet its greatest triumphsā€”drugs and surgeryā€”mean that practitioners are too likely to advocate for those narrow solutions. Here, a detransitioned woman reports on talking to her doctor:
In case anyone missed it.... and I talked about what went down when I went to tell my doctor that I detransitioned. It was a bit of a mess.
Thank you and to for your amazing courage and strength in confronting your doctor and refusing to add yourself to the 'lost to follow-up' stats. Your testimony is of enormous value in helping others.
"I asked her, who is going to let people know about alternatives, if not doctors or therapists?"šŸ¤” This is a unique interview with a detransitioner who gathered the immense courage to go back to her doctor to to tell her. By Callahan, with
The painful reality of the Wild West that is gender-affirmative care in the US
Extremely important discussion between & that ought to be published in or the . A detransitioner returns to the gender clinic and talks to the provider who prescribed her hormones & surgery.