"I confess that this story shocks me” — on reporting by
.⁦⁦⁩ article from last year explains why this case ended up dropped 👉Thoughts on the Impending Prosecution of Andrew McCabe - Lawfare
The implications of a possible McCabe prosecution—against the backdrop of constant pressure by the President himself to bring such a case—are to my view potentially shattering to DOJ, at least on the facts available. For more, read ⁦
I try to avoid commenting on every little scandal coming out of the Trump WH. But if the DoJ presses charges against Andrew McCabe on very tenuous grounds, and after the repeated urging of the President, we would be on new—and newly scary—terrain.
More evidence of corrupt DOJ under Barr
.⁦⁩: “I worry that what’s happening here is simple corruption of the Department of Justice in precisely the fashion I have been worrying about since before Donald Trump was even elected.”
Here are my thoughts on the McCabe case from last year. It explains why at the end of the day, the case fell apart
This is important background
If you've been pooh-poohing the fear that POTUS is undermining the rule of law and corrupting the justice system, read this. From .
If you think an indictment of Andrew McCabe (which may occur) proves him guilty, read Ben Wittes' very important analysis in Lawfareblog