“compared to the general public, cognitively sophisticated (well-educated) voters are much more likely to form their positions on issues based on partisan cues of what they are "supposed”to think in virtue of their identity as Democrats, Republicans, etc”
"[the highly educated] tend to be more prejudiced than most against those who seem to think differently than they do -- and often look down on those with less education." Essay by
“[T]hose with higher education levels and academic aptitude (college GPA) tend to be less attuned than most to ambiguity, complexity, uncertainty and limitations in their own knowledge -- and less prone to innovative or creative thinking.”
¿Más educación implica más capacidad para aceptar que tus ideas políticas están equivocadas cuando la realidad te ofrece pruebas de ello? Al contrario: cuanta más formación tiene la gente, menos probable es que cambien sus opiniones ante la realidad.
'History from the United States and abroad is replete with examples of grievous harm caused by well-intentioned technocrats and ideologues when they grow insufficiently accountable to ordinary folk.' Another superb piece by 's
“It may be emotionally satisfying for academics and intellectuals to disparage or patronize the less educated and their political allegiances, but this condescension is unearned.”
Academe should avoid politicizing educational attainment (opinion)
If one could judge a man by one article one would conclude that Musa al-Gharbi is fairly fearless on a multitude of levels as he skewers the contempt-laden pretensions of the highly educated. 1/20
Here's that Inside Higher Ed article, on which this essay expands
Educational attainment is being politicized, especially in the US, UK, Canada, and France.
in IHE! Academe should avoid politicizing educational attainment (opinion)
Higher levels of education are associated with higher levels of motivated reasoning. In this excellent essay, ⁦⁩ illustrates why this is a problem and how it leads academics into a false sense of security. Worth the read!
Important piece by in Many educated ppl think the political preferences of others are driven by prejudices, emotions, superstition, dogma & ignorance, but their positions are shaped by logic & facts.
Social scientists studying political polarization since the 2016 election have been finding that highly educated people seem to be more susceptible to ideological rigidity and highly partisan behavior than less educated members of the general public.
Academe should avoid politicizing educational attainment (opinion by Musa al-Gharbi, Paul F. Lazarsfeld Fellow in sociology at Columbia University)