USA Today/Suffolk 2020 Democratic primary poll: Biden 32 Warren 14 Sanders 12 Buttigieg 6 Harris 6 Yang 3 All others 2 and under That Biden collapse narrative after the Monmouth poll is not looking so good.
New USA Today/Suffolk poll of Dem primary voters nationally: Biden 32 Warren 14 Sanders 12 Buttigieg 6 Harris 6 Yang 3 O'Rourke 2 Booker 2 Castro 1
A nationwide USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll found a sharply divided country that views next year’s presidential campaign as a sobering test of the fundamental values of the United States.
New / poll is another whiff for Tom Steyer, who was at 0%. So we're still at 10 candidates for next month's debate, pending the release at 8 a.m. The poll shows Biden (32%) leading Warren (14%) and Sanders (12%).
2020 election: Biden leads Democrats as Warren climbs, Sanders slips
If this were to be the actual results in a jurisdiction, Joe Biden would be the only candidate to cross the 15% viability threshold, i.e. he'd get all of that jurisdiction's delegates.
In our new poll, is backed by one respondent, or .24% of the sample--below the 2% threshold he needed to be assured a place at the debate in two weeks. Biden maintains his wide lead
Poll: Americans dread the 2020 election and have doubts about the outcome; Biden maintains his lead via
Of course we do. Of course we do.