For the past 13 months, I’ve been reporting on the Harvard Affirmative Action case. Here’s my story about Asian Americans, the history of admissions in elite higher education (as well as Stuyvesant), and the word ‘diversity’ and what it means to Harvard.
Meritocracy in action: “Roughly 30 percent of the seats in every Harvard class go to athletes, legacies, the children of faculty and applicants on the dean’s interest list, composed in large part of the children of donors.”
“Harvard is saying if you want your race to count ... when you write an essay to present who you are to the most prestigious college in the country, you should reduce your life to a moment of trauma.” Must-read ⁩ in the ⁦
An underrated part of why young people are so cynical, IMO, is that the college process drills into you that a whole lot of people - students and adults - are willing to obfuscate or acquire or discard principles at will whenever it suits them personally
Of the many sharp observations in 's piece on Asian-Americans and affirmative action, this might be the sharpest:
This piece is pretty good, but it really lets the defenders of Harvard’s anti-Asian race quotas off the hook. Perhaps relatedly, it’s a 12,000-word piece about Ivy League race quotas that never mentions the word “Jewish.”
If this does not make you want to dismantle Harvard's diversity-conscious admissions offices, I don't know what will
Where Does Affirmative Action Leave Asian-Americans? #SAHElaw
Long story, but worth the read, on the differing opinions within the Asian American community regarding the affirmative action legal case against Harvard.
Long but well researched and nuanced story on the Asian American affirmative action-Harvard saga. Having seen a few charged discussions among friends on this, think this section gets to the hard problem at the root of this.
Where Does Affirmative Action Leave Asian-Americans? A high-profile lawsuit against Harvard is forcing students and their families to choose sides. via #SAHElaw
(1) this is a great piece by the Kang (2) the ad algorithms are a little on the nose
This was so interesting and well written from . Glad I read it
I thought this Jay Caspian Kang piece about affirmative action and asians was very fair, and contained a lot of interesting tidbits such as ....