New audio from Portland clashes reveals supposed "independent reporter" Andy Ngo's close ties to the Proud Boys and other far-right groups — "He went in with us and he went out with us."
Remember the infamous hammer attack that occurred during the recent Proud Boys rally in Portland? obtained an audio recording of one of the right-wing bus passengers" "I smacked one of them [antifa activist] w/ a hammer a couple of times."
It looks like Andy Ngo is finally being seen out in the open, which may squash this tenuous career he fashioned out of outrage, misleading slander, and small donations. (THREAD)
Another day, another we-told-you-so involving Andy Ngo, Tucker Carlson's favorite blogger, who was caught yet again distorting the news AND maintaining a problematic relationship with fascist gang members in the Proud Boys. Listen to this
Andy Ngo's stories keep falling apart. No wonder he got kicked out of Quillette.
Every "reputable" outlet that propped up right-wing propagandist Andy Ngo and gave him a platform to spread his fascist disinformation should be preparing a public apology right now. Right, ?
"Andy Ngo was fucking told that if he wanted protection from the PBs [Proud Boys], he went in with us and he went out with us,"
"Ngo could not be reached for comment."
"'If I hadn't pulled a knife on 'em, those motherfuckers would have came right through,' said one [American Guard member]. 'I smacked one of them with a hammer a couple of times,' said another...Ngo could not be reached for comment."