Useful to look at this controversy from the lens of Dutch disease literature. Natural resource abundance creates (concentrated) wealth & fosters repressive labor/political institutions. And it is a drag on overall economic growth. Two sides of same coin.
Excellent Jacobin article from John Clegg on the debate over the importance of slavery for the US economy
Clegg argues slavery shaped contemporary US capitalism by dividing the working class by race and, maybe more importantly, by inhibiting the expansion of the regulatory state—rather than by directly being an engine of capitalist growth in and of itself.
I think this John Clegg essay in Jacobin on slavery and American economic development is really good and clarifying.
John Clegg on slavery and American capitalism
Props to Jacobin for publishing this excellent essay by John Clegg, a useful corrective to some of the flaws in Desmond's NYT 1619 project essay.
Well now I have seen everything! John Clegg writing in Jacobin (Jacobin!) supports all of 's critiques of the #1619Project including that it resurrects the King Cotton thesis of the slaveholders.
Interesting article by John Clegg How Slavery Shaped American Capitalism
This John Clegg essay is excellent.
A helpful corrective to the 1619 Project from John Clegg on how exactly slavery shaped US economic development
How slavery shaped American capitalism, , including discussion of Gavin Wright's #EHS2019 Tawney lecture on constraints that slavery imposed on economic growth & development