Call me old fashioned, but I think should have disclosed that he is friends with Comey and is also mentioned in the IG report in this article defending Comey.
The problem with how too many people are handling the Trump threat to our democracy is they're treating everything as normal and ignoring all context. Now the DOJ IG is getting in on that game. As usual breaks it down best
Excellent explanation by as to just how paper-thin the case against Comey is
"The Inspector General of the Justice Dept has determined that it is misconduct for a law enforcement officer to publicly disclose an effort to shut down his investigation... It’s an extraordinary message for an IG to send. And it warrants scrutiny."
As notes, the IG dinged Comey for providing "the public with details relevant to the Flynn investigation." But Sally Yates disclosed the Flynn probe a month earlier, & in far more detail than Comey's memo about Trump trying to shut it down.
How many errors are there in the IG’s Comey memos report? Not sure, but this one’s a whopper.
What That Comey Email Report Really Says
The IG report clears Comey of leaking classified info and of lawbreaking but dumps on Comey for blowing the whistle on Trump’s obstruction of justice, reflecting the IG’s frankly bizarre moral compass. This analysis lays it out clearly and fairly ⬇️
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A heartfelt but not very good defense of James Comey
Summary: 1, IG finds Comey broke no law in revealing presidential corruption, 2, he did break protocol, 3, following protocol is more important than revealing presidential corruption.
> What that Comey Email Report Really Says —
What that Comey Email Report Really Says
No classified material was ever disclosed publicly—as Horowitz acknowledges.