I'm increasingly convinced that sectoral bargaining for service workers is the key policy for making America a middle-class society again.
“The iconic American worker of the 20th century — a man making cars in a Detroit factory — remains the focus of political debate about work in America. But the real face of the modern working class is a woman caring for that retired autoworker”
Not mentioned in this editorial: banning noncompetes & no-poach provisions, & reforming occupational licensing laws. These ideas enjoy bipartisan support & would be a big boost for American workers — higher wages, greater mobility, more entrepreneurship.
Dear Democratic candidates, Please, I'm begging you, stop talking about autoworkers.
Doubling the pay of teachers, nurses, and care workers generally would be a good start on both justice and sensible employment policy for a thriving future. via ⁦
2/ “sectoral” bargaining lets workers in a given industry negotiate wages and salaries collectively — a potential game-changer in industries with many small workplaces.'
Credit where credit is due to for coming out with this, but also credit to for reshaping the political terrain to make what seemed "radical" a few years ago the "reasonable" position today.