Rarely do you see a fellow CEO attack Jack Welch publicly with such a hard (and on the sweet spot) swing. Unilever's former CEO Paul Polman, seeking sainthood with the long-term crowd.
Thank you . Good news is that more CEOs are mobilising. IMAGINE is an activist corporation & foundation -- a catalyst for courageous collectives like the fashion industry at G7. Like the song says, “I’m not the only one”
Interesting interview with of ⁦⁩ #sustainability champion. The kind of leadership the world needs. ⁦⁩ ⁦
Wrote in Popeyes piece about my business-crush on Paul Polman for fighting off a 3G takeover and being a genuine champion of responsible capitalism: Just seeing this awesome NYT interview with him on the topic:
A nice interview that shows the ideological nature of "profitism"
A lovely interview with Paul Polman, by , on his career, and his vision of better capitalism: ethical culture, long term thinking, sustainability, and improving local communities.
'Some people think greed is good. But over and over it’s proven that ultimately generosity is better' - i/v with ex Unilever CEO Paul Polman is a rare good news story...