What a quote to end Les Gelb’s obit: his support for the Iraq War “was symptomatic of unfortunate tendencies within the foreign policy community, namely the disposition and incentives of supporting wars to retain political and professional credibility.”
Leslie H. Gelb was 30 years old when in 1967 he took charge of the team that compiled the secret Pentagon Papers. He later worked as an editor, columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent.
The NYT obituary for Leslie H. Gelb, a former diplomat and New York Times journalist. He was 82.
This has become a famous quote of Gelb's since he said it in 2009. What's important about it is not that someone finally pointed it out (plenty had), but that he was aware he had fallen victim to it. That self-awareness is sadly still as scarce as ever.
Leslie H. Gelb, 82, a former star diplomat, journalist and president of the , is dead at 82. He mentored an entire constellation of foreign policy hands. RIP, Les.
Leslie H. Gelb, 82, Former Diplomat and New York Times Journalist, Dies