The NYTimes Editorial Page slams the Trump Administration for "despoiling, not preserving" Minnesota's Boundary Waters; calls for a different vision of America’s “rich natural resources” to seize the day. Read the full story
Trump's whole environmental assault is a combination of smash-and-grab grift and despair-inducing propaganda for high-carbon industries' political power. Don't buy the bullshit. #carbonbubble
The Editorial Board shines light on three travesties: Trump's push to open the Tongass National Forest in Alaska to logging and his efforts to revive potentially destructive mining projects in Alaska and Minnesota
MUST READ EDITORIAL: From Alaska’s Tongass National Forest to Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, Trump wants to destroy, not preserve, America’s resources via
“For sheer hostility to #environmental values, #DonaldTrump has no equal” among recent presidents
On Trump: “almost pathologically dedicated to obliterating anything President Obama had done to reduce global warming gases, preserve open space and help endangered species.”