"The 36-yr-old man who terrorized two West Texas towns with an assault-style rifle Saturday had been fired from his trucking job a few hours before he led the authorities on a chaotic high-speed chase that ended with his death and the deaths of 7 others."
Weapons of war kill large numbers of people, as they were designed to do. That’s why they are so common to mass shootings, including Saturday’s in Texas. Why are they legal?
“Gov. Greg Abbott expressed sadness, frustration and exhaustion over recent mass shootings in Texas - five in 37 months. Ten new laws loosening firearms restrictions took effect on Sunday in Texas, which has among the most liberal gun laws in the nation”
A baby and police officer shot in Texas need GoFundMe pages to help pay for their treatment. This country is fucked up through and through.
.: West Texas shooter had criminal record
Sadly, and again. To paraphrase former SG Satcher. If gun violence were not a public health issue, why are so many people dying from it? via ⁦
The shooting, deaths, and injuries are horrific. So is the fact that we live in a society where the first instinct of the relatives of the injured is to set up a GoFundMe page to pay their medical expenses.