Breaking tonight - Major escalation in Tory warfare as Johnson prepared to sacrifice majority by withdrawing whip from rebel MPs
Full details in tomorrow’s ⁦⁩ of Johnson’s plan for deselections, the rebels’ fight back, the blueprint for legislation this week - and a pledge to take government to court if it doesn’t comply with the law after Gove suggested it may not
Johnson could sacrifice majority by withdrawing whip from rebel MPs
D*minic C*mmings has cancelled his priapic puppet's scheduled meeting with the few remaining rational Tories in an attempt to bully them into submission. After all, now that he's shutting down parliament, he doesn't need to worry about losing votes.
Another Guardian article on Parliament's struggle with Brexit that I wish I understood. UK friends: this says that the whips are circulating among Tory MP's saying the whip will be withdrawn from any rebels. Is that right? (Probably isn't.)
If Boris withdraws the whip from all these MPs, and says they won’t be eligible for preselection, won’t some of them want to make the Parliament run as long as possible? If so, under fixed-terms, it might be very hard for Boris to force election.