Hong Kong's liberal studies high school curriculum was first introduced by the British as an elective but is now mandatory. Beijing’s biggest nightmare is producing engaged citizens who can think critically & freely. China indoctrinates; HK educates.
Terrific story by and that explains why the Chinese Communist Party hates a Hong Kong high school class that teaches some valuable critical thinking skills
“To some extent, liberal studies awakened these young minds to the view that by joining in protests you can achieve change," one expert told us. "That’s Beijing’s biggest nightmare. They will pull out all the stops to remedy the situation.” Story w/
Everyone's tweeted about this already but I just got around to reading this finally! So ICYMI: Gasp! The horror! A Hong Kong class that teaches current events and critical thinking skills. By
Hong Kong’s education bureau ‘told teachers that if asked “difficult questions” about the current events, they could say, “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand it, either.”’ Great piece by & on efforts to “depoliticize” high school.
“In a notice issued last month, the city’s education bureau told teachers that if asked ‘difficult questions’ about the current events, they could say, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t understand it, either.’”
Everyone should take this critical thinking course.
The High School Course Beijing Accuses of Radicalizing Hong Kong