At , we've just launched a competition, with a cash prize, for the most productive conversation across an ideological divide. Show that you can talk to someone with whom you disagree on an important issue with civility, clarity & kindness.
It is my absolute pleasure to launch Impossible Conversations - a competition to encourage difficult conversations in good faith. Thank you to our stellar judging panel: , , & #ImpossibleConversations
Impossible Conversations is a competition to encourage difficult conversations in good faith. Winners receive a share of $2,500 in prize money, publication to Areo Magazine, and invitations to appear as a guest on several podcasts.
"The only way we're going to make progress on fundamentally important questions is by bringing people together who disagree..." interviewed on ABC radio about and #ImpossibleConversations
The folks at and are incentivising civil debate with a new competition. Win $2500 just for signing up & engaging in thoughtful conversations through letter-writing
Impossible Conversations is an attempt to bridge divides not by disagreeing less, but by disagreeing better. Proudly hosted in partnership with . #ImpossibleConversations
How can you get involved in the Impossible Conversations competition? Just by having one! You don't have to be an academic or a writer. Just be someone who is willing & able to have a difficult conversation & do it well on
It’s exciting to see how far the platform has come over the past year & how much fascinating content is being created by our community. We’ve teamed up with to launch the inaugural “Impossible Conversations” prize. Check it out
I wonder if anyone out there would like to develop an "Impossible Conversation" with me! I'm a philosopher: I've written on abortion, animals & ethics, many bioethics issues, philosophy of religion, and much, much more! #ImpossibleConversations
1/ Are you ready to step up your letter game? and I have signed on as Ambassadors for 's new competition, Impossible Conversations. A competition meant to encourage difficult conversations in good faith
If you're keen to enter the #ImpossibleConversations competition () but don't have a writing partner, check out Post conversation proposals to this page and we'll help you find an interlocutor. h/t
If you'd like to join 's #ImpossibleConversations competition but don't have a partner, @ us with the hashtag above, giving the topic you'd like to discuss with someone of the opposite view. You can also propose conversations between others.
I’d love to see a conversation between and on automation and the future of labor markets for the #impossibleconversations contest on
I’d be interested to see letter wiki on vaccines between a pro ( ) and anti/safe ( Dr Paul Thomas) vax advocate for #ImpossibleConversations contest
Check out this Impossible Conversations competition.
Please retweet widely! Join us. We need more peacemakers.
I'm extremely happy and excited about this impossible conversations competition on , and I'm really looking forward to reading the conversations that develop as a result of it. There's a cash prize available too!
Also do check out our competition at . We're awarding a prize for the most productive conversation across a political or philosophical divide
We’re currently hosting a competition for the most productive & civil conversation across an ideological or philosophical divide. Check it out! #ImpossibleConversations
Friends at have just launched a competition—with cash prize!—for the most productive conversation across an ideological divide. Show that you can talk to someone with whom you disagree on an important issue with civility, clarity & kindness.
Very cool to see & partnering for #ImpossibleConversations—with a $2500 prize available for "difficult, but productive, dialectic." Enter by 3rd Nov to participate!
Since this has gone viral, please check out & our #ImpossibleConversations competition. It's a free platform for one-on-one digital letter exchanges & we're offering a prize for the most productive exchange between people who disagree.
We are trying to intensify that nudge right now, by rewarding the most productive and mutually respectful letter exchange between two people with important political or philosophical disagreements. Check it out.
Hello, new followers! I am a universal liberal humanism, a free speech extremist, critic of the woke, old-fashioned social democracy leftist & sci fi nerd. Currently helping promote a competition to encourage productive discussion in letter form
😄 . I'm a big fan of your work, Jonathan. Check this out if you have a chance - - I think you'll like it.
The lack of productive conversation online. "All we have is conversation or violence" - Sam Harris Working toward a solution via and #ImpossibleConversations
Listened to the other day that had a lot to do with the morals of Food. It got me thinking that a great entry to might be between a vegan and a carnivore cc
I'm also open to an #ImpossibleConversation with any Star Wars fan benighted enough to believe that risible apology for a space opera is better than Deep Space 9. :-p Change my mind!
I was about to bring this to your attention because I thought you might like to check out the competition. Spread the word if you like the idea of it. :)