Flu researchers: Funding for Registered Reports of replications of important findings plus rewards for emptying file drawers. Partnership between Visit for more information.
Apply now! The proposal period for Opening Influenza Research, our collaboration with and to increase publication of null & negative results & replications, closes Nov. 30. Learn more->
A concerted effort to fight publication bias and replicate key findings in influenza research. A partnership between and Information on participation at
This is a stellar initiative! "Opening Influenza Research project, we invite the influenza research community to “empty the file drawers” and contribute to a thorough aggregation of open and accessible findings" #emptythedraw #openaccess #openscience
I go away for a couple of weeks & come back to a host of new #openscience initiatives This one in influenza research is v impressive. A collaboration b/w , & to support , replications & unpublished negative results