My fellow journalist ⁦⁩ is DMing me that I’m a “miserable prick” and a “repugnant child.” All over this piece:
SCOOP: Trump Labor Department's new sr adviser Leif Olson posted on Facebook that Jewish media "protect their own." In response to my request for comment on Olson's anti-Semitic post, says they've accepted his resignation.
Asked Bloomberg for a comment on the story on Leif Olson. The response is unsurprising and highly disappointing:
Trump Labor official Leif Olson has resigned due to a putatively anti-Semitic Facebook post. But if you read the post, it appears to be mocking anti-Semitic conspiracy theories
This is blatantly a case of someone mocking an anti-semitic politician not making anti-semitic statements, seems very possible this person gets reinstated after the backlash to this story
It was sporting of Bloomberg News to note the real reason they went dumpster-diving on Leif Olson
Vile and disgraceful muckraking here from . “Journalism” at its very worst. Deliberate, willful misinterpretation in the service of destroying a good man. is a personal friend and is NOT an anti-Semite. Bow your head in shame, Ben.
the reporter here seems to have badly misinterpreted these facebook posts
These Facebook posts all read as really obvious sarcasm, a fact that is even more clear if you know anything at all about Paul Ryan's primary opponent
Trump Labor Aide Quits After Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts Surface
It seems extremely obvious that the ostensibly antisemitic comments at issue here were sarcastic, intended to mock antisemitic tropes rather than promote them.
What a despicable smear by of my friend , including an obviously sarcastic Facebook post (which he knows is sarcastic bc apparently reviewed Leif’s FB more broadly). Shame on for running with this drivel.
I report a lot on people's social media, and while many do use sarcasm to advance bigotry, it requires editorial judgment and context to determine when that's the case, so it's frustrating seeing articles like this where the person is mocking antisemitism.
Amazing that this story, with this headline, still remain up. Also amazing: That Olson hasn't been reinstated.
ICYMI: A Trump official resigned on Friday after the media uncovered his Facebook post saying Jews control the media and "protect their own." Where does the Trump administration find these people?
Having a public facebook profile is stupid, and I get that there's a broader story about appointee vetting, but holy cow if this isn't a perfect storm of media over-exuberance and corresponding admin hypersensitivity.
All the best people, party ninty-bajilion
This is the story on Leif Olson being reinstated: -- The disgusting and error-laden hit piece still remains up, without a retraction.
This article is a joke. The comments in question are so obviously sarcastic it would take willful blindness to miss it. Fortunately, Bloomberg has plenty of that to go around, apparently.
This is aggressively stupid
. you have sullied the name of a good man, , as an anti-Semite because he had the temerity to sarcastically make fun of the alt-right. Has the no shame? Leave alone leftist Jew-hatred run amok but attack ... Leif Olson?