This may be the most shameful, egregious, media failure of the year. As notes, Leif Olson just moved his family from Texas to serve his country. Now, he was destroyed bc Bloomberg spun a post mocking Jew haters as anti-Semitic
New post -- "Shameful: Trump Labor appointee forced to resign after Bloomberg portrays sarcastic Facebook post as anti-Semitic"
Incredibly, the Bloomberg hatchet job by has not been retracted with an apology. Bolsters my view that this is really the most egregious case of media malpractice in 2019. Usually botch ups get retracted or significantly amended.
Unapologetic Bloomberg reporter is celebrating having taken down an innocent man for anti-Semitism based on a clearly sarcastic FB post that included a line about Paul Ryan having "suffered a massive, historic, emasculating 70-point victory."
Wtf? This really is shameful.
And is right: the Trump administration deserves blame for not saying “%*%*+% you, we’re not only keeping the guy but giving him a promotion.”
Amazing that this reporter is still defending the story. That makes it especially shameful.
"For all of Trump's attacks on the media and tendency to be unapologetic about his own remarks, Olson was largely hung out to dry here. They could have stood by him, fought back by saying that it was clearly sarcastic.” –
There was a time when stuff like this only rarely happened.