I traveled this emotionally constipated country all summer long with Marianne Williamson on her love platform, and girlfriend, here is the story
Marianne Williamson on a politics of love: “When David Brooks says it, it’s profound. When I say it, it’s woo-woo.”
No one was more surprised than Marianne Williamson to learn that Marianne Williamson would be running for president of the United States in 2020. Our reporter spent the summer with Williamson on the campaign trail for .
In which Marianne Williamson tells : “Girlfriend, that’s cynicism. We don’t have time for that right now.”
This is a story about Marianne Williamson, yes, but it’s really a story about comfort zones and expectations. I’m so happy wrote it.
The great has profiled Marianne Williamson. Having had a few encounters with Williamson myself in the past, I can say this is classic Marianne!
Here is the excellent piece. Best trick: Strafing the cynicism of political reporters but kindly. Best line: “I didn’t understand why if the only complaint I ever heard was that there was so much hate, why love was so hard to swallow.”
“If I’m a conservative, God, heal me of my thoughts that liberals are the problem. If I’m a liberal, God, heal me of my thoughts that the conservatives are the problem.”
Perfect companion pieces, on Joe Biden searching for a rationale for his candidacy, and on Marianne Williamson’s crystal (no pun intended) clear one.
A lot of writers could have had LOL-haha fun with this feature. You need to make it probing, empathetic, generous-but-tough, witty-but-not-in-a-cheap-way... in other words, a Taffy Akner piece.
. hits the 2020 campaign trail...
In which Marianne Williamson tells : “Girlfriend, that’s cynicism. We don’t have time for that right now.”
“When David Brooks says it, it’s profound,” she told me. “When I say it, it’s woo-woo.”
Williamson was 'scheduled to go on the post-debate panel on CNN at 1 AM but kingmaker Jeff Zucker himself had called down & asked that she be put on earlier so there she was." Same Zucker who gave us "Apprentice" & 1 hr worth of T's empty stage in 2016.
Wooist Marianne Williamson is running for president on a platform of Love Energy. Do you think I could win on a platform of cynicism and grumpiness? #SkeptoidForPresident
“‘When David Brooks says it, it’s profound,’ she told me. ‘When I say it, it’s woo-woo.’” Fair point, but what about those of us who thought it was woo-woo when Brooks said it?
I went into this profile of Marianne Williamson expecting lots of crazy, memorable lines, and it is so much better for refusing to be predictable
I just came from a meeting where I used the “L” word and got pushback. But I explained my philosophy behind ⁦⁩ and my listener said she was sold. This piece is so good.
A character named Bethany in my book “”Michelle the Archangel” has a message similar to ⁦ via ⁦
The Gospel According to Marianne Williamson | Do spirituality and self-help have a political constituency?