Big surprise The tech push in schools has failed: "Researchers at Rand Corp. and elsewhere say there is no clear evidence showing which new tech-related education offerings or approaches work in schools." via
"Her sons have since switched to private schools where the curriculum is less technology intensive." This one sentence in the article is more important than many may realize. Rich kids will learn to use their brains while everyone else is playing games.
Parents thought they wanted tech in every classroom, now they’re not so sure. Schools spent millions of dollars on devices and programs; some question how much it’s helping
If someone says, "we need more technology in the classroom", you know they know nothing about education. It's kind of like a person who says that more wheels will make cars faster.
Schools Pushed for #EdTech in Every Classroom. Now Parents Are Pushing Back, asking for return of print books + pencils | + discuss in-depth #ScreenTime
Backlash against big Tech: “In Montgomery County (MD), a new curriculum this fall will return textbooks, paper and pencils to the classroom to supplement laptops.“