My Wednesday column: Four Things That Are Not White Nationalism
This is a strikingly good column by and I agree with virtually every word of it.
"Four Things That Are Not White Nationalism," which you just might be able to discern in between the signalling by that he absolutely positively knows dRUmpF is a race-bating Nartzi and so are conservatives who aren't him
as the person who is cited positively in this piece, maybe it's a better exercise to unearth any and all white nationalist tendencies in conservatism, rather than spend more time focusing on what the media gets wrong. if the problem is real, focus on that.
The perpetual conservative demand: ignore history, ignore select parts of the present, extend us endless good faith, allow us to define ourselves on our own terms, don't hold us responsible for predictable effects of our rhetoric & ideology.
Two things that are both simultaneously true: "Conservatism’s racism problem is real. So is a pattern of media smears against non-racist conservatives."
This is one of the most important pieces this year, by Liberals have to stop trying to stain everybody as a racist, especially moderate conservatives Many overlaps with arguments (& evidence) in our book They are only making things worse
A popular progressive argument holds that conservatives who try to understand white nationalism in an effort to track people toward a more moderate conservatism somehow ‘mainstream’ these ideas rather than deflect them, argues ⁦
"It does liberals and the left no favors, now or for a post-Trump future, to imagine that accusations of white nationalism can somehow quarantine conservative ideas that are both not actually racist and also, in many cases, true."
Whole essay is excellent. But in particular: America is *exceptional* in its success at making pluralism work. Most American foreign policy foolishness—neoconservatism and liberal internationalism—is due to inability to properly appreciate it.
This is definitely worth reading.
deserves an apology and reinstatement because of the brazen absurdity of the Bloomberg Law piece.” –
"Conservatism’s racism problem is real. So is a pattern of media smears against non-racist conservatives."
⁩ nicely nails the reality that progressive overreach on racism, seeking to tar conservatives with the alt-right brush, is a disastrous strategy that feeds polarization
Good column from . As repeats until she's blue in the face, 'white nationalism' is an ideology and a thing unto itself, and specificity and accuracy must be deployed against it
While I think understates the influence of racism on normal, non-Trump conservatism, he makes some fair points here, too
This would be more compelling if just acknowledged the fertility issue that conservatives (& more than a few neo-liberals) have been "creepily obsessed" with over the last generation, namely, non-marital birthrates ... 1/
There’s good reasons why Ross Douthat is the only NYT columnist I reliably read now.
Douthat: Four Things That Are Not White Nationalism
Completely fair criticism of how some progressives cast conservatives in a disparaging light. We need rhetoric and more conversation in this country- sooner rather than later please via ⁦
.'s "healthy conservatism" with racism "quarantined" in 4 bullets: > Defend limited ethnic and religious particularism in government. > Be pronatal. > Oppose suppression of conservative views. > Engage with racist conservatives.
Alarming report from Roth Douthat in : “Every extended conversation I have with 20-something #conservatives includes a discussion of how to deal with #racist #flirtations in their peer group.” And interesting what they consider to be #flirting.
This from is ok, as amended: "a society does not automatically become [completely] illiberal or racist or authoritarian just cuz it retains an established church or allows a right of return or maintains a preference for a particular language"
Important column ... Four Things That Are Not White Nationalism
Babies are good, mainly compared to adults.
A thoughtful piece by on racism and conservatism
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