$340 Million for Trump to golf while he's on the job? He's price gouging also. In less than 3 years he charged the Secret Service over $500,000 just for renting golf carts from him. That's insane. It's corrupt. It's a scam. It's what Trump does.
Trump’s “Very Inexpensive” Golf Habit Could Cost More Than $340 Million | Vanity Fair
it will always make me laugh that after eight years of “obama is a lazy dumb dumb who never works and golfs all day” right-wingers elected a president who is actually a lazy dummy who doesn’t work and golfs (and watches cable news) all day
#Presidementia does not prevent Trump from golfing. In fact, dementia patients often enjoy golf and find it therapeutic.
And he's probably pocketed most of it. Pay us back!