I missed this in a truly remarkable week for politics, but Skeptic magazine was publishing somebody with fabulated credentials for three years presumably on the basis that he offered "evolutionary psychology" answers to contemporary issues.
So, apparently, a writer who pitched us a couple times, John Glynn, egregiously misrepresented his qualifications. Only reason I'm tweeting about this is because we accidentally—but LOLtastically—sent him multiple rejection emails for one of his pieces.
Interesting goings-on: 'Skeptic' magazine publisher reveals that one of its authors lied about having a Ph.D. The author, John Glynn, as written for several other—mostly conservative—publications.
The Fabulist and the Publisher A Journalistic and Academic Fraud Exposed "To our readers..."
Among many episodes of magazines getting hoaxed, this investigation by just exposed one purported PhD who published in Skeptic, Areo, Quillette, Spectator, Huffington Post..among many others lied about his degree! Good work exposing this.
In which Skeptic Magazine, which has become less about skepticism than promotion of bastardized libertarian politics, shows that its editorial standards are no higher than the journals it pwned with its pathetic "Sokal-style hoax."
One of our former writers, "John A. Glynn", appears to have misrepresented his qualifications to various outlets. He did not tell us he had a PhD but did say he was a psychologist which might not be true.
The writer who committed academic fraud by claiming to have a PhD and used the fake credential to publish over 40 articles in 15 different publication outlets in 2019 alone
Should’ve been more... Critical? Doubtful? Inquiring? What’s the word I’m looking for here...?
The magazine "Skeptic ", of all things, has been duped by an impostor and academic fraud.
"I never ever said that I attended the University of London. I did say that Hertfordshire is located near the city of London. Maybe this got lost in translation..." The Fabulist and the Publisher
A forthright piece by , who takes it on the chin from...himself. I've long said the rise of e-publishing (with its relative lack of controls) exponentially multiplies the odds of Stephen Glass-type episodes or other frauds.