On 's list of America's 100 "Most Innovative Leaders," there are twice as many men named Stanley as there are women of any name. And there are only two Stanleys. That's right: 99 of America's 100 most innovative leaders are men, says.
Wow . You should be ashamed of yourselves. It's 2019 and America's Most Innovative Leaders is 99 MEN AND ONE WOMAN? Un-bloody-believable. Did no one at Forbes query this? Where were ?
Of the 100 most innovative leaders in America, I’m pretty sure more than one is a woman. It’s 2019. Long past time to do better.
Come on, . If your methodology produced only one woman out of the 100 most innovative leaders, obviously you should have challenged it rather than publishing it.
What an interesting failure. Not a single woman in . 100 most Innovative Leaders. Turns out the people making the selection weren’t particularly diverse either. This is why diversity of thought matters. #womenintech #mindfulleadership #inclusive
Really? Out of 100 innovative leaders there is only 1 woman? If your methodology throws up such an imbalaced list, maybe it's time to think about how you define innovation (and leadership). Do better .
Stunned by . 99 men. 1 woman. No wonder the pace of change to a cleaner economy working for everyone is so sluggish when mindset is to rely on half the population for leadership and wall out the creativity, talent and collaboration of the rest.
.⁦⁩ enlists three men to develop methodology that determines 99 of the 100 most innovative leaders are men. In 2019.
Where. Are. The. Women.
#Female CEOs Blast Forbes List Of Leaders That Includes Only 1 Woman: 99 men, 1 woman 👉 Female CEOs respond to Forbes 👉 “Whenever you see a successful #woman, look out for 3 men who are going out of their way to try to block her”
Congratulations Marc on being recognized by as one of America’s Most Innovative Leaders!
Who are the most creative and successful business minds of today?
Spoiler alert: and I have dissected this list and out of 100 there is 1 woman, 3 Latino men and 0 Black people on this list. Yes, we need woman AND we need POC! It is not an OR statement it must be an AND
Excited to see our chairman, founder and co-CEO Marc named one of America’s Most Innovative Leaders by ! Very well deserved!
Seriously ??? Only one woman out of 99 men are on your list?? This is what bias looks like. I know tons of innovative women leaders. Consider checking out
So a study in concludes that, of the top 100 most innovative leaders of "top" US companies, just ONE is a woman! Really!? Can they be serious!? c
Congratulations Salesforce Co-CEO named one of America's Most Innovative Leaders by Forbes Keith Block, Tony Prophet, , ,
Congratulations Salesforce Co-CEO named one of America's Most Innovative Leaders by Forbes Keith Block, Tony Prophet, , ,
Hey I find it **VERY HARD TO BELIEVE** that 99/100 of the most innovative leaders in America are men. This is some straight up SEXIST BULLSHIT!
*In the year 2019* go ahead and guess how many women the esteemed writers and editors of ⁦⁩ deemed to be among “America's Most Innovative Leaders”: 50? 25? 10? Spoiler alert: it’s ONE. Which deserves an equally singular 🖕
3 Jeffs 2 Thomas’ 4 Mar(c/k)s 5 Michaels 1 woman (out of 100) Can only men innovate? Or is what men do considered innovative by default? 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️
Congrats to Vertex's CEO Jeff Leiden as #13
Oh dear! I challenge my sisters and brothers of innovation! Can we add another hundred names, women, for to consider?
Hard to fathom what ⁦⁩ was thinking with this list that included only one woman. Terrible. Within health+life sciences domain alone, there are countless number of innovative women leaders, including for example
Thank you for once again including me on your innovative leader list. We are very fortunate to have so many high quality innovators in our industry. We need much more female representation on this list— especially in the top 10!
Who makes these lists? I don't know what this is, but it is not a list of America's 100 most innovative leaders
According to 99 of America’s 100 most innovative leaders are men! #EverydaySexism
Resisting to appreciate women’s vision, ability to innovate, strategize and lead is downright misogynistic Disappointing but hardly surprising. Please wake up, it is 2019.
.: On 's list of America's 100 "Most Innovative Leaders 99 of America's 100 most innovative leaders are men
Wow I just saw this (sorry a little behind) but only one woman (with no photo included) on a list of 100 innovators put together by . Should we help out by listing some innovators? #womeninstem
Something is so wrong here! 🤦🏻‍♀️ No single woman named among ’ America’s 💯 most innovative leaders.... #women #leadership #innovation #genderequality
Wow that's a lot of dudes