As ’s business partner and friend for a very long time, I highly recommend this interview about her personal traits and her success. It’s Kara just saying things many people wouldn’t, but they’re true and worth emulating. (h/t )
I relate so much to refusal to be quiet or small or false in any way, but I do lack the courage to say it as loudly and clearly as she does and I hope she knows that interviews like this are a light for feminism.
"Being aware of death tends to clear out the brush. Anytime I’m having a minute, I remember, Oh, I’ll be dead in 50 years. Okay. And then I stand up."
There are many life lessons embedded in this interview with . But a big one is: if you’re in the truth-telling business, tell truths. 💯 (via )
. is a fucking badass -30
I love this entire interview.
Here’s ⁦⁩ with very wise words: ‘Some people ask, “Why are you successful?” And I’m like, “I work harder than you.”’
This passage from the interview, on how she keeps perspective when she’s feeling stressed or anxious, is so clarifying.
. is the fucking greatest
So I did this wack interview with that appeared today and I am glad my attitude inspires others. But frankly, I get pretty much all my best cues from (see below) #travelinthru
Gems from 💎 "I think most people do know when they’re good at things, & they do know their value, but then other people chip away at it" "The ability to say no is the greatest power of all time. And then saying yes at the right time, too"
Kara Swisher is a national treasure 🇺🇸 🏳️‍🌈 Forget SF , how about Mayor of NYC?
Quite the interview with , who will likely have done more in the time it took me to write this tweet than I will get done all day. Or week. Kara Swisher on Ambition, Bragging, and Having a Baby at 56
“The ability to say no is, I think, the greatest power of all time. And then saying yes at the right time, too.”
League of her own. So ❤️
Just when I feel great for having a third child at 40, I learn that is doing at 56. Congrats, Kara - girls are the best (said by the father who has had one for 8 days)!
I know I know. Like needs MORE attention. Like come on. BUT I learned a lot of stuff about her in this. And I thought I knew everything. And yet...I did not!! 💕
Wisdom from : "If something goes wrong, a lot of people are like, 'What are we going to do!?' And I’m like, 'Something else.'" Really fun interview
I love that wants to run for office someday. Would be great to see her chair an oversight committee.