I yearn for order, the extremist says. Blunt simplicities. Politics provides the Manichaean binaries I can’t find anywhere else, and so I make everything political.
Every ideological disease of the current moment thrown into one column!
Brilliant piece in on how the fanatic mind works: "Individuals are too complicated, but groups are easy to stereotype. Every human gets reduced to some category, preferably the cunning ones I despise."
The failure of the #americandream “You can be anyone You want to be” meets #needforchaos cc
Lolololololololololol. David Brooks is so, so, so mad that people besides him (and other people like him) get to have public opinions now. He’s, like...fanatically (?) mad about it.
An opinion even more unpopular than David Brooks’: this column is actually rather interesting and makes some good points.
Going to go out on a Twitter limb here to say this David Brooks column does not feel like the exhausting whine of other overly sensitive types, which I abhor, but actually interesting if impossible attempt at focusing on a real abuse issue online. I know.
The new David Brooks column is high comedy.
Brilliant. Nerve-touching. A bull's-eye. Nice going, .
David Brooks tries to get into the mind of an Internet radical. It's an interesting read.
Here's a deeply unpopular take that will scorch my mentions. I think this piece by is clever and well done... and much of the criticism completely misses the point. (I also loved "Notes From the Underground")
Is there a Dostoevsky Twitter? Brooks dropping Notes from Underground references but the themes are more aligned with Demons.
We need a total and complete shutdown of the until the editors can figure out what is going on.
Sometimes I think what I’m writing isn’t good enough, isn’t fit to print, and I should just move on. But then I remember that this David Brooks piece was printed in the New York Times and I feel much better.
The problem with this Brooks column is that while he is implicitly castigating his critics on right and left for refusing to engage substantively with opposing ideas, he likewise does the same to them
On leave so a little late to this party, but sweet Jesus this is wacky. There's actually a germ of a half-decent idea in here, but it's marred by vintage Brooksian bothsidesism and a perfunctory yoga pants reference.
Interesting creative writing exercise from David Brooks. Yet it also seems too extra.
"I was raised in that coddling way that protects you from every risk except real life. When I was younger my eyes pleaded: Tell me what adulthood and manhood are supposed to look like! All you said was, “You can be anything you want to be!” How does...