A Turkish rap video on YouTube, #I CAN’T STAY QUIET, has been watched by 8.5M in one day, more than one-tenth of Turkey’s population. The video has touched a deep nerve. Vast numbers are yearning to speak freely and honestly about the regime’s rottenness.
Rapper #Şanışer is causing a sensation in #Turkey with an epic video, #Susamam - "I can’t stay silent" - featuring more than a dozen other artists decrying injustices, environmental destruction, violence against women, inhumanity, and apolitical inaction.
Overnight there has been a remarkable political earthquake in Turkey and it's come from rap. I'm not kidding, in this 15 minute video there is more credible and compelling opposition than you could dare to imagine - 1.7m views already, it is stunning.
The full translation has been added to the original video as captions. Disregard that it says Turkish, they are actually English. You can now follow the whole thing, watched nearly 9m times here
#SUSAMAM hits 14million views and is now available with English language subtitles I wonder how different it is to our translations :)