Experts predicted the SoulCycle boycott wouldn't last. A month later, attendance is actually staying down across the country. So I took the numbers back to the experts. They said this is rare and could be a big deal. (As in, not just for SoulCycle)
The scale and intensity of women's hatred of Trump continues to be underestimated
While most boycotts fail, the recent boycott surrounding has proven to be effective. Prof. discusses the evidence of changing behaviors among SoulCycle's customers, via .
This theory sorta seems to be holding up so far? Paying for a workout as expensive as Equinox or SoulCycle is partly a status thing—there's just not *that* much difference in the actual product from cheaper alternatives. So they seem to be hard hit.
Market analytics firm Earnest Research found Soulcycle attendance was down 13% in the 18 day period after Steve Ross/Trump fundraiser news, compared to 18 prior days. Same period last August had just 5% drop.
The boycott against has been surprisingly effective and sustained. does a pretty good job breaking down why this one is working while so many other boycotts fail.
"Pressure to actually change behaviors might inadvertently be created by companies like SoulCycle, though. Selling adherents on the idea of a whole virtuous identity... encourages consumers to behave more like part of the organization." --
The SoulCycle Boycott Is Having an Impact - The Atlantic solid reporting from the unimpeachable ⁦⁩ People have actually decreased SoulCycle participation. Turns out that making your brand about personal virtue cuts both ways.
The SoulCycle Boycott Is Having an Impact - It’s been nearly a month since Suzanne Zuppello abandoned the “spiritual gangster” lifestyle....
People Actually Quit : Most boycotts fail. Why does this one seem to be working? via