A fantastic essay by on how universities COULD prepare students to be part of the solution to America's civic crises. I want to screenshot almost every para...
"This is how you end up with expressive politics and virtue signaling campaigns on the one hand, and widespread cynicism about the state of society on the other: everyone thinks change is absolutely necessary, but also completely untenable."
How Universities Have Been Part of the Problem (And Can Be Part of the Solution) for America’s Civic Crises
The problem isn't that we provoke students towards social justice or activism -- it's that we get them all amped up on making a difference without providing them with the practical knowledge or skills to realize those aspirations:
Universities do a great job honing students' *critical* capacities -- but what of their *affirmative* ones? These are not prioritized in contemporary higher education. To our detriment:
"Refining people’s affirmative capacities is not about undermining activism or legitimizing the status quo. In fact, it is absolutely essential for effective social change..."