Four auto manufacturers decided to reject Donald Trump’s rollback of fuel economy standards. Now Trump's using the Justice Department to attack those companies for embarrassing him. That’s disgraceful.
Key quote: “The motivation for the antitrust suit is to prevent car companies from...fighting climate change...,” said Ann Carlson, a the UCLA School of Law. “So it’s hard to call the D.O.J. position ‘in the interest of consumers.’”
As Trump administration rails against California emissions plan, Justice Department opens an antitrust investigation into carmakers for agreeing with the state. ⁦
The Justice Department is investigating 4 automakers over a deal with California to reduce emissions, escalating a standoff over climate regulations
Could a side deal between California and four automakers to operate under that state's tough emission standards constitute illegal collusion? Really?
This is a deeply abusive and corrupt use of antitrust enforcement.
Carmakers to Trump: "We hate Obama's fuel economy regulations, can you weaken them while we sell a few more SUVs?" Trump: "Oh boy can I" Carmakers: "Oh, um. Yeah that's, uh, a bit much?" Entire GOP fossil fuel machine: "Y'all either dumb AF, or lying AF."
There's already some early fallout from DOJ's investigation into the four automakers who negotiated a deal with California on higher fuel-economy standards — Mercedes-Benz has been scared off from joining: 
"The Justice Department investigation was surprising because the agreement between California and the auto companies has not yet been signed or legally formalized."
Tinhorn dictatorship, part 2
The move to investigate car companies escalates a standoff between President Trump, California and the auto industry over one of his most significant rollbacks of climate regulations.
Reporters often hear from readers that climate change should be on the front page. At the NYT, it is.
part of small gov, folks
Putinesque response by Trump’s DoJ
Justice Dept. Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into Automakers’ Emissions Pact With California &
Justice Dept. Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into Automakers’ Emissions Pact With California // good grief.
so the GOP supports free enterprise and freedom of choice, unless businesses freely choose environmental protection