I had a great time on ⁦⁩ last night with #realtime ⁦ Here is my segment on fainting-couch feminism and triggered therapy dogs at Oberlin College.
The incomparable Christina Hoff Sommers on Bill Maher
Great comments on my episode on ⁦⁩ with ⁦⁩ #RealTime. Except one person called me a “slut.” Hey, at my age, I’ll take it.
bae was on real time 🥰 Christina Hoff Sommers | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) via
one of the last few safe places in a PC world gone mad. good watch: on
Christina Hoff Sommers on Real Time with Bill Maher
I’m a feminist. Always have been. But some of the so-called feminists on here are ruining it for everyone. Men aren’t our enemy. We don’t need to tell them what to do every minute Christina Hoff Sommers | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) via
The factual feminist Christina Hoff Sommers on Bill Maher:
Christina Hoff Sommers was brilliant on Bill Maher last night. Clear, firm, & most importantly factual. Facts still matter. We are not living in a post-fact world.
In case you missed it! Femsplainer 's recent spectacular appearance on with . Be afraid. Be very afraid... especially if you're a therapy dog. (Watch complete interview here: )
ICYMI: My recent segment with Bill Maher has >300K views and (mostly) great comments. We discussed fainting-couch feminism, triggered therapy dogs, and male-bashing. #RealTime
Well done, prof! You totally nailed it!! via
Good to see on last week. I do think she is wrong when it comes to the pay gap. Here is the Pew data
Just reposting this since it’s brilliant. via